The Rover Circle 50 will be hosting a Christmas experience that will create a memory to last for ages. We invite everyone to attend the Christmas Camp to be held on December 26 to 27 at Cogeenick Youth Camp, Taysan, Batangas. Enjoy the fresh country air and a night under the stars. The planned Rover Vigil will no longer push through for lack of interested parties... unless you're interested! Payments will be given to Chris Cokieng or Danelle Gonzales. Last day of payment will be on Saturday, December 22. Meet up at McDo, Mendiola at 3 PM.

For minors, the waiver form can be found [here].

More pictures of the camp can be seen in the Rovers' Multiply Site [here].
Also, see the pictures of last year's Christmas Camp [here].

Guys, after grueling hours of Li Shr memorization and Math calculations, not to mention the hype of competitions during sportsfest, this is the PERFECT way to unwind. See you there!