The 27 participants of the Rover Christmas Camp to be held in Cogeenick Youth Camp are as follows: Ryan Cokieng, Chris Cokieng (Project Head), Warren Go, Luzelle Artillero, Phoebe Hui, Richmond Tieng, Aldrin Gonzales, Kathleen Lim, Mark Lim, Randolph Cobankiat, Lancelot Chen, Juan Paolo Chua, Danelle Gonzales, Paul Gonzales, Peter Gonzales, Jade Tan, Joanna Ng, Emilliene Tai, Mary You, Jules Lo, Jin Sebastian, Sheryl Lim, Chrisztine Lim, Charlene Cokieng, Joyce Tan, Jally Co and Earvin Go.

Please note that for those that will meet up in Saint Jude, we will have to meet at 5:45 AM, then meet up with the rest at Phil-Air Conditioning Center and depart by 6:15 AM. Up to 15 people can be accommodated by transportation for those meeting up at Saint Jude. Also remember that for the first day, bring you own packed lunch.