Hiking. Wall Rappelling. Slide for Life. Monkey Bridge. Swimming Pool. Tents. Bonfire. Marshmallow Roasts. Hotdog on a Stick. Cars Stuck in the Mud. Waterfall. Sunburn. 5 Stray Dogs. Torrid Rain. Water up to the Waist. Macho Muse.

These were the activities planned out and misadventures wrought for the participants of the Christmas Camp this year, but these are just parts of the shell that made up our camping experience. Pictures and blog posts from those who joined us will be posted here, so keep on coming back for updates. I would just like to say, the waterfall part of the hike was freakishly hard! I'm proud of all those who went up and over. (Up and over the edge of the pseudo-waterfall.)

Here are a few entries about the camp: Mark, Earvin, Lancelot, Phoebe, Aldrin
Pictures are posted here: Jules' Takes, Aldrin's Shots, Phoebe's Digicam